Getting started

To get going, the first thing you should do is to register an account with us and then configure your application.

You will then have your Application Identifier and Application Key, also known as your App Id and App Key.And this will grant you access to the Quantone API platform.

The next step is to access the Quantone Database and start making your requests for information.

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Accessing the Quantone Database

Our SDKs and Web APIs makes it easy to add new features to your product and wow your customers.

Once obtaining an account and registering your application with us, you then have either or both of the following methods to interface to the Quantone API.

  1. Web API: First option is simply to set the App Id and App Key into the headers of your browser and make requests over HTTP
  2. SDK: You can also download one of the avaiable SDKs and start interfacing it into your application within a matter of minutes

Enterprise Solutions

You can easily find a solution that offers the right mix of features and price for your business applications.